March 9, 2012

Overwhelmed by Birds

I didn't upload any photos for my entries recently because (A) I don't have an appropriate photo to show since (recently) I've been ranting a lot (which I promised not to do since last year but right now I don't have anyone to talk to. Writing helps when no one cares to listen to you.) and (B) I'm just too lazy to transfer files/photos I've taken recently.

So to turn things up a little bit, I am going to show the highlight of my saddest month ever.

I put some bird feeds on my window hoping some birds will come in and chill in my room. That idea was kind of funny and it is my desperate way of getting close to nature. I mean, I miss going to the beach -- the serenity, calmness and silence of nature. Lately, I've been chasing papers and projects and shit (not literally, duh). 

That afternoon, I guess the birds didn't saw (or smell?) the feeds. Three days passed, still, the feeds were untouched until one afternoon, around 5 PM, while I was making a floor plan for my room (because it is almost Summer and that means I have to clean the whole room and change the locations of furniture) I was surprised when two birds came in instantly into my room. I was overwhelmed, I just watched them getting lost around!! One bird was stuck in between my curtains and closed window in one corner of my room, I instantly grabbed my camera and here it is:

On my third attempt to take a picture, it finally flew away. I can't explain how happy I was at that moment! I actually hope those two birds told the other birds that I have some food for them but I guess they didn't like the feeds, or maybe the feeds are too big for them? It's what we feed to our Myna birds. 

Anyway, I am still looking forward to see them in my room even just for a second, and hopefully take more photos of them. I will definitely share it here :)

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