March 31, 2012

Mama's collection of coins

I saw Mama's collection of coins while cleaning up my room. So I decided to clean them by soaking them into a basin with vinegar and water (as what the internet told me to do so). Dried them up and then checked one by one. Most coins are old Philippine coins, and then some from foreign countries like Korea, United States, Australia, Japan, and France. 

Was not expecting to find a coin from France. This isn't a Euro coin. It's from 1950's. I wonder where and how Mama got this.

A pile of old Philippine coins. 

This is my favorite coin as a kid. :p

Fifty Centavos coin (1964)

One Peso coin (1993)

Two Pesos coin (1994)

My sister's tokens.

I actually took photos of each kind of coins but I'm just too lazy to post everything here. I wonder when will they change Philippine coins again. It would be exciting.

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