March 2, 2012

Lazy Daisy

So before I'm going to bed (for the nth time this day), I would like to share something that isn't really interesting at all. Today turned out to be the opposite of what I thought was a productive day. I woke up feeling groggy because I overslept, which was a good thing because I haven't had enough sleep nights ago and yesterday was just too stressful. I had my to-do list ready and in my head I had the urge to do everything. Turned out to being a lazy ass bitch trying to feel a little sick (I was, I swear) just so I would not be obliged to move any muscle. I did try to put everything back to normal but I think this day is meant to be spent in my bedroom. So, I stayed and never thought of my responsibilities.

And whenever I feel 'free' from responsibilities, I think about something else aside from school stuff. Unfortunately, I got pissed off by someone and for a minute there I did not know how to handle my anger towards that person. So, I asked the internet on 'how to deal with difficult people?' and I got answers and fortunately it calmed me down. (Ah! The difficulties of having no one to talk to at home.)

One of the things I thought was 'is engaging too much on social media affects man's feelings?'. I know it's weird but for now I don't really feel like being updated too much about my friends and my old friends. I get annoyed at myself because I keep on reading the updates even though I really don't want to know what's happening out there. So I thought maybe it is time to quit some of the social media I'm in. I actually thought of taking a break from school during summer and spend the whole season at home with family, and catching up with myself (because school keeps me busy, I can't find time for myself anymore.). Also, to do some art and stuff. Of course, no internet intervention during the whole season. But I will be updating my blog daily, at night. I want to be busy in the morning and share everything I did in my blog when I'm about to go to bed. This thought kind of excites me.

The point is, I want to take a break from school in summer because I want to engage myself to other things. School will always be there but I want to be with my family and know myself a little more during the whole season. School is very stressful. I know that if I will not take summer classes chances are I will have a little more subjects during regular semesters but, I need to have a break! I've been going to school everyday since 2007 -- regular semesters plus summer classes. I just pray that my siblings will allow me and understand my point.

If they will agree on my plan, I will pursue the things I want to do during that break. I want to work in my brother's office. I just need a few money to spend on some of my other "ideas". Since his office is located in our home, it is easy for me to shift from work to 'art works'! After all, there are only a few things to work on in his office (I think!). Also, I want to cook more recipes.

What's more exciting is that room make-over plan which I hope will not cost me too much! If all these things will fall into place, it would be awesome! And I will update this blog everyday because I swear that I am definitely be not the kind of lazy I am now. If not, then maybe I'll just do minimal stuff from that plan and go to my summer classes at the same time. Sad.

Anyway, I need to go to bed now so I could wake up early (in 4 hours) because I need to do the laundry and work on that circuit that should have been done by now! I will stay in school for our projects (take note: project with letter s) and some papers. I hope I will find something blog-worthy tomorrow. I'm sorry for all the lousy posts I wrote lately. (Honestly, I don't know what to do with this blog. I need inspiration. I need that break!!) Good night, world.

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