March 25, 2012

If you're not happy with your friends, what's best to do?

Spent some time on Omegle a few days ago. I was there to ask: If you're not happy with your friends, what's best to do? And here are the first five answers (and conversations) I got from two strangers at a time.

1.) Sleep -- I do this most of the time. Mostly when I feel sad at things not just with people but events and other factors. It sure does make me feel okay but I know it's still there.

2.) Get new friends -- Not easy. But I guess I need to try.

3.) Murder -- Hahaha okay.

4.) Talk to them about why -- Not good with this though I often ask if I did something wrong and they tell me nothing.

5.) Travel -- My favorite answer. Yes, of course. I need to travel alone or with family or with new people.

Here are the conversations from two strangers:

Conversation 1:

Stranger 1: ni hao ma
Stranger 2: kill them !
Stranger 2: KILL THEM ALL !!
Stranger 1: lol
Stranger 2: kill them with an axe
Stranger 1: bitch please
Stranger 2: or a chainsaw
Stranger 2: just kill them
Stranger 1: what lol.
Stranger 2: did it myself too, killed them all with my favorite teddy bear
Stranger 1: lol cool story bro
Stranger 2: don't use random internet quotes on me fuck tard !
Stranger 1: k kill yourself then
Stranger 2: you bring yourself into teddy bears range mister !
Stranger 1: i love you
Stranger 2: oh stop it you
Stranger 1: <3 <3
Stranger 1: lol. where u from?
Stranger 2: i have to say one thing ! i hate you questioner
Stranger 2: ich bin aus Österreich
Stranger 1: what.. i'm being nice already
Stranger 2: AUSTRIA !
Stranger 2: oh not you Stranger
Stranger 1: who?
Stranger 2: i mean this third stranger watching us "discuss"
Stranger 1: oh, yeah.. bit creepy
Stranger 2: I say you one thing, men from Austria hate agents !
Stranger 2: or spys or whatever you call those fuckheads
Stranger 1: agents? why do you hate agents?
Stranger 2: i don't know? why do i hate the pope? i don't fucking know
Stranger 2: i just do it
Stranger 2: like NIKE (tm)
Stranger 2: oh god i hate Nike !
Stranger 1: oh.. what language do you speak?
Stranger 1: in Austria?
Stranger 1: english?
Stranger 2: no no
Stranger 2: we speak german
Stranger 2: like germany
Stranger 2: but different dialect
Stranger 2: where r u from?
Stranger 1 has disconnected
Hahaha they are so cute. Kill them with a Teddy Bear? It sure is a nice idea, Stranger 2. I love you. :p

Conversation 2:

Stranger 2: Get new ones?
Stranger 1: kidnap them
Stranger 2: ...then what?
Stranger 1: toss them in a lake
Stranger 1: run to mexico
Stranger 2: Wait a sec
Stranger 2: I'm British
Stranger 2: How am I meant to run to Mexico?
Stranger 1: ... swim to Mexico. or run to a neighboring european country.
Stranger 2: ...
Stranger 2: Britain is an island.
Stranger 1: I'm no major in geography, man. Swim. Use your leg muscles as much as your brain muscles.
Stranger 2: Alright man
Stranger 1: or run on water.
Stranger 2: After I swim, then what?
Stranger 1: Jesus did it.
Stranger 1: become a warlord dictator in your new country and live happily ever after.
Stranger 2: Thank you
Stranger 2: I'll get right on it
Stranger 1: You do that. Go proud. Go free. Go deadly.

 Hahaha I will toss them into the mouth of Mount Apo. Just kidding.

Conversation 3:

Stranger 2: Leave
Stranger 1: kill them
Stranger 2: That too
Okay, I'll just leave. :P

Conversation 4:

Stranger 2: Talk to them about why
Stranger 1: time will heal
Stranger 2: Time heals nothing
Stranger 2: Some things heal in time, but time doesn't actually heal shit.
Stranger 1: o
Stranger 2: Take it from someone who was hurt a long time ago lol :)
Stranger 1: but I am really healed lol though sometimes I remind and it was hout again lol
Stranger 2: I'm re-learning to exist still
Stranger 2: Doin OK
Stranger 1: would to be the first one to compromise lol?
Stranger 2: But its a scar that I dont think goes away, changed me a lot. Not necessarily all for the worse, but it has changed me.
Stranger 1: yeah!!
Stranger 2: Depends on what it is.
Stranger 2: I'm a very accommodating person
Stranger 2: But I also cling strongly to my principles
Stranger 2: If it's a core principle, I won't compromise. If it's just a thing, then I generally will.
Stranger 1: got it
Stranger 1: I seldom break up with my friend actually lol
Stranger 2: Same here
Stranger 2: I've had friends break up with me though
Stranger 1: lol
Stranger 1: how come?
Stranger 2: And honestly there are people I'm realizing that its better for me to not be around
Stranger 2: Mostly because I've counted on the wrong people lol
Stranger 1: o
Stranger 1: :)
Stranger 2: There's one that I really regret
Stranger 2: Losing the love of my life
Stranger 2: Well, I dunno. I regret a lot of them.
Stranger 1: who's that?
Stranger 2: But not many do I feel like are legitimately my fault.
Stranger 2: Her name was Hailey. She was a beautiful, wonderful, kind, genius of a girl who I was with for seven years.
Stranger 1: what thing can be so serious then?
Stranger 2: I have been alive for 31 years and she was the only person I've ever met who was really like me on the inside.
Stranger 1: that's touching!
Stranger 2: It was weird, but wonderful.
Stranger 2: It spoiled me a little I think, because I started to think that I wasn't so alone in the world.
Stranger 2: I didn't realize that the two of us were basically just as alone as I used to think I by myself was.
Stranger 1: lol
Stranger 2: Heh
Stranger 2: :)
Stranger 2: I dunno. I've lost quite a few people that I miss.
Stranger 2: My best friend since the age of 14 was a guy named Jon
Stranger 1: then?
Stranger 2: We had all the same interests, came up in the computer industry together
Stranger 1: :)
Stranger 2: Then cocaine and other heavy drugs too I guess like heroin.
Stranger 1: oh
Stranger 2: He was on his way to being a really important person in the computer industry
Stranger 2: And he could have been my in as well
Stranger 2: But instead, cocaine and hard drugs led him to start living in crack houses
Stranger 2: I dont even think he cares about computers anymore.
Stranger 2: Or his old friends.
Stranger 1: didn't you help him?!
Stranger 2: I tried I guess.
Stranger 2: I told him that he was fucking up, killing himself, destroying his future
Stranger 2: But he was always depressive and I think does not mind killing himself as long as it doesn't hurt
Stranger 1: :(
Stranger 1: oh
Stranger 1: I haven't met that yet
Stranger 2: Yeah, it actually hurts a bit to think about that one too. I wish I would have known what to do to snap him out of it
Stranger 1: you don't have to do so
Stranger 2: If I ever actually loved another man it was him lol
Stranger 1: lol
Stranger 2: Its part of that compromising on core principles thing I guess
Stranger 1: he was a part of you, everyone you met are
Stranger 2: Even if I knew there was nothing I could do, and that it wasn't my fault
Stranger 2: I would still feel obligated
Stranger 1: yeah
Stranger 1: it is
Stranger 2: Yeah. Some more than others I guess, but its true.
Stranger 1: your story is inspiring lol
Stranger 2: Hahaha well thank you
Stranger 1: in contrast with mine
Stranger 1: :)
Stranger 2: Whats your story?
Stranger 1: ha there's nothing outstanding, my friends are always there, only one have left I think
Stranger 2: I have noticed that as people get older they grow apart from friends
Stranger 1: oh!
Stranger 2: Adults dont get close to each other like younger people
Stranger 1: lol
Stranger 2: I picture it like lions
Stranger 1: well
Stranger 1: ?
Stranger 2: You know when the lions are young they roam together in packs
Stranger 2: But as they age the lions split off and take up their own prides, and if they run into their old friends they are competitive with them
Stranger 1: oh
Stranger 1: why
Stranger 2: I don't know why, instinct I guess. It seems sad to me.
Stranger 1: humans aren't lol !
Stranger 1: I won't consider that
Stranger 2: humans aren't what?
Stranger 1: maybe one day I'll leave my friends, but still we are together, aren't we? the passion won't be shatter so easily right?!
Stranger 1: we are friends as well
Stranger 2: I wish I could tell you that is true, but I think it does get shattered.
Stranger 2: For most people at least.
Stranger 2: Some are lucky and keep friends forever. I would have been like that I think, but the friends I had and circumstances we hit didn't allow it.
Stranger 1: we have undergone part of life!
Stranger 2: I would talk about this with my friends when we were young
Stranger 2: How I was afraid it would happen, just had a gut feeling.
Stranger 1: it did happen!?
Stranger 2: Part of our lives
Stranger 2: Yeah it happened. I really don't know many of my old friends at all.
Stranger 2: My old roommate works at the same place I do
Stranger 1: I can't imagine that lol
Stranger 2: We haven't spoken to each other more than twice, and never for more than a minute or two
Stranger 1: you should try!
Stranger 1: when it comes to the memories you had
Stranger 2: Another of my old friends works in India now, we haven't spoken in a couple of years
Stranger 2: I have tried. It... it isn't the same anymore.
Stranger 2: Another friend is a meth dealer who works at a bank, lol.
Stranger 2: Who has become a totally different person.
Stranger 1: uh
Stranger 1: no:(
Stranger 2: Another, a girl, moved out of state and has two young children and an abusive ex husband who is stalking her and just got out of jail
Stranger 2: Another girl married a female-to-male transsexual and lives in Texas now.
Stranger 2: Its like at the end of those TV shows about old times
Stranger 1: lol
Stranger 2: When the movie is done and before the credits roll
Stranger 1: uh
Stranger 2: Where you find out how the rest of everyone's lives turned out after sharing a few years of it with them
Stranger 2: That's exactly what it feels like
Stranger 2: We're just writing those ending words now, that's what our lives are.
Stranger 1: I don't want to be so pessimistic lol
Stranger 2: hahaha
Stranger 2: thats just what it feels like, i dunno if its sad or not
Stranger 1: I think you should recollect those things lol
Stranger 1: they once be wonderful, don't throw it easily:)
Stranger 2: i agree
Stranger 2: maybe some day i'll write a book
Stranger 1: haha
Stranger 1: good idea lol
Stranger 2: hey i gotta go bro
Stranger 2 has disconnected

 This is my favorite among all the conversations I've read. Stranger 2 is right with the lion part.

Oh well. Friends come and go.

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