March 15, 2012

The Dilemma

As someone who is lonely as I am, I desperately want to have a friend like Ronny of The Dilemma. Nick and Ronny's friendship is very tight and not that grand. I mean, they're both simple and true and honest and real. I wish I could be with someone who really cares and listens. Someone who is not afraid to punch and slap me in the face when everything feels wrong. And just like Nick, I am very worse at handling situations/problems in life. I suck plus I don't have someone to tell me that. Maybe that is why I suck even more. Hahahaha

You know in life, you can't just ask yourself "What's wrong?" and "Are you okay?" because that would be pointless. We all need someone to ask that for us because even though they won't really understand everything at least you could hear somebody else's uplifting words and that is a blessing and it feels real good to know someone is listening to you. It's heartbreaking to know someone really cares and humble enough to ask what is up with your life. You can't be your own best friend. You need to have someone to share your life and problems with.


Excuse me while I have to finish the last two chapters of our Research Study today. I have to finish it before 1 PM. Plus, I have to make extra papers such as Table of Contents, Acknowledgement and the like. I'm going to share this to you (planning to post all my school-related stuff here) very soon.

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