March 1, 2012

Boy friends

One of the best things in the world is to have boy friends who share anything with you. Anything random -- love life, opinion, some serious stuff, problems, and anything that seems to be mysterious in a guy. I am surrounded by a lot of boys (and I don't mean to sound like a flirt, I'm sorry) and it's always been my pleasure to know them and their life stories (and keep their secrets and thoughts on things until I get a sign from them that it's okay to say it in public). You know, whenever I am sad, aside from thinking about my family (as a thing to hold on to when everything else falls down), I think about my boy friends and how lucky I am to have been surrounded by good ones.

Isn't it lovely (and exciting) to hear them say whatever they are thinking, or what happened during the weekend, or how they feel as of the moment, or how they had a fight with their partners, or their family problems, or anything like that that you can't seem to hear from a normal guy. It's my pleasure to hear their stories. You know, I've been wanting to have a brother who'd share anything with me but I guess given the fact that I can't have a little brother (except for nephews) at all, I have these boys to listen to my words and advice and stuff. And, you know what's best? It's knowing the fact that they really follow my advices. I think boys are very deep and loyal and true especially when they are really close to you. They always listen and keep it in their mind.

They have shared their life stories to me (I swear they are all funny and sad) and I share mine, too. I love their partners, and I worry whenever their partners ask where they are and stuff like that. I am looking forward to the future where they'd have babies and own families and watch them grow. It's not like I am older than them, it's like I want to witness their life, too.

It's my pleasure to have them as classmates, brothers and friends. I may not like their attitude sometimes but I still accept them for who they are. They are all beautiful human beings and I feel sorry when I make them worry and stuff like that. Thank you, guys! :')

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