February 24, 2012

I've been busy these past few weeks. School is taking too much of my time and money. I am working on several school-related projects and it does make me feel stressed. There were nights when I got to sleep in the living room with my uniform on. I can't even find time and I'm too lazy to change clothes and check the internet.

It is just now that I think I found time to write and I feel so bad because I can't find anything to blog about except this one. I have ideas on what to write but it is hard for me to start writing when my mind is still thinking about school projects and Circuits. 

Things are making me sad these days. But I'm grateful for all these free food I always get from my family. Little surprises and my nephew are the only ones that are making me smile and relaxed. It is still two in the afternoon and I feel like going to bed again! Just so you know, I worked on my papers early this morning so I guess I need to take a nap. 

When I wake up, I'm going to work again. Hopefully I could squeeze in the things that are not school-related in between work. I swear I really want to finish everything already but it is just so hard. Also, I swear I want to live a normal life again. Hahahaha

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