January 23, 2012

Young in our soul

At the age of 20, we get to realize how old we are. That we need to be more mature at taking responsibilities, making decisions and take situations seriously. This is the time that we don't know how to stop and go.

When I have my down time (usually before I go to bed), childhood memories fill up my mind. At some point, I envy my younger self, who seemed to be very cheerful and stress-free. But that doesn't mean I don't like my life at 20.

Let me share to you some bits of my life (but you can skip this part):
Age 6-9: I get to have simple adventures with friends. We used to walk to and from the church every Sunday afternoon. Played street games in the morning and in the evening, everyday. There were times when we go to the other village by walking along the seashore, rock climbed, and when we reached the other village, we stayed in an old store which solds ice cream. We had ice cream while it rained. Then went back home. It was fun and memorable. I had gone fishing with friends, brother and father.
Age 10-19: I get to start writing letters to friends at school. I received a bunch of letters, too. Remember when exchanging stationaries was cool? I wasted mine by writing and giving them to my friends. One thing I will never forget is the letter that says: "I like you because you're cheerful." :)
In high school, I was kind of a rebel but not really. I mean, I go out with friends. Chill at their homes at school and sometimes we go to bars and drink alcohol while watching our favorite local bands play. Unlike my younger adventures, I was mostly seen at home in front of the TV or PC. I started blogging, and learned how to use the internet.
Also in high school, you can see me (most of the time) in the library reading books or talking with friends and trying not to laugh too loud or else our IDs will get confiscated. :P
Then there was college.
Age 20s: Well here I am. I've been to countless adventures. These adventures aren't just like that in my younger years. I've been to different places in one year with different set of friends. 
I am not too young neither too old but I am pretty sure I'm getting there (hahaha). What I am aiming is the same thing as what I have aimed when I was in the younger set of age and that is: Have fun. Simple but it means so much to me. Because as a child, I never felt limited to some actions. My parents just let me do what I want and I never experienced being punched or any kind of abuse from them. I get scolded at times, of course. It may seem too shallow but you would never understand why it means so much to me.

At 20s, we could be like our younger selves: adventurous, happy and curious. When you're sad because you failed a quiz, you can choose to be happy, too. 20s is too short for you to be sad most of the time. Remember when you cried because someone bullied you and then your mother gave you lollipop and you're okay? It is that simple. When you're sad, offer yourself something good (A good talk, A good food, A good music to listen to). Then you'd be okay, at least. I know at this age, life gets a bit more complicated but we all have strategies to balance off everything.

Just remember how cheerful you were when you were younger. You have never changed, really. You're still that cheerful kid, but better and stronger. Always seek happiness so when you reach your 30s, you'd say your 20s were on cloud nine! :)

P.S. I miss my parents.

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