January 31, 2012

Stop caring about what others have

I never had any cool toys when I was a kid but I am lucky to have a rich 'close' relative so I was actually able to play some. Back then, I never asked my parents to buy me high-tech toys. In fact, I don't remember going to the mall with my parents. We may have but I couldn't remember anything at all. Life was very simple back then. I understand were poor but I know somewhere my parents have saved something for us. I played paper dolls when I'm at home (because I have a lot!), I played PlayStation and other cool stuff when I'm at my cousin's house.

It surprises me to realize that I was never really the kind of kid who gets too sad because I can't have what my cousin owned. Back in the days, playing outside with friends was my thing. If you're one of them, you should've known how crazy our childhood were. Also, if you're one of my friends whom I used to play in the village, thank you. :)


But then when I got older, the technology gets more advanced, the more I want to have some. Or, at least, experience how they work. I am still lucky I have friends who own these kinds. Also, very much lucky because my siblings provided me some necessary things in life (that is, speaking of the generation we are in).

I may have asked for something (I'm sorry) big but I really knew even before I asked for it that I couldn't really have it. It may seem depressing at first but I actually able to move on and understand. It has been like this ever since. But you know what, I am thankful my family isn't really into these stuff (well, we may have some gadgets/devices but my sibings always make sure to buy the ones that are necessary like: GPS, cameras, laptops, PCs, etc).

There's more to life than these material things (I am talking about new stuff that are 'duplicates' in a different facade). I understand why and how these things exist. I don't really need it. For now, I can only brag about my laptop, camera, and cellphone. Simple as that.

***I may sound so insensitive about others who can't even have a single device I own (I am sorry) but the thing is, what I really want to say, you don't really need to have everything in terms of high-tech stuff nowadays. If you'd buy something, it could help by questioning yourself if you really need it.

PS. I miss my parents


  1. A well said post. I think we could all do with more simplicity! Lovely blog by the way! :)

    1. I always compare my life at this age to my parents'. How they achieved happiness back then when everything was simple and 'manual'. That thought alone inspires me and reminds me that happiness isn't about getting those fancy things [when I can borrow them actually from my friends haha].

      Thank you!


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