January 22, 2012

Haven's Peak, Maragusan

I didn't expect I'd be going back to Maragusan early this year. It has been planned on my mind that after two years, I shall go back to Maragusan and visit the same places I visited on 2009 with the same people. But one Friday morning while having breakfast, my brother asked me if I want to go to Maragusan. I said yes, of course!

Just so you know, my brother's work, together with his team, which includes my other brother, is to survey lands and some geodetic stuff so they get to go to different places and sometimes they get free stay in one place. This time, the owner of Haven's Peak is also the owner of the project my brother handles so they get free accommodation in Haven's Peak, which is one of the best places to visit in Maragusan!

I got too excited because the first time I got there was two years ago and we didn't really checked-in. We just payed the entrance fee and then took some photos around the area. What's more exciting is the free food, free stay, free all in Haven's Peak! Awesome!! :)

Bersabal Surveying Team: Kuya Danny, Kuya Jun, Manoy Junjun, me & Haven's Peak owner :)

We traveled from 12 noon to 5 pm. We stayed for one night. Food was very good especially because it was free!! Except that we drank some alcohol at night plus sisig and kinilaw, which are very, very good!! In the morning, it was very, very cold! We were encircled by fog. 

Ate Karen
Manoy Toben

On Saturday morning, I wanted to visit Tagbibinta Falls but my brother and his team need to finish the work before 5 pm so we could go home safe. It was kind of sad that I didn't get to visit the falls but at least I got to stay in Haven's Peak for one night with free accommodation! Hahaha 

Coronobe, Maragusan
 This is the place where my brother and his team surveyed. It was raining while they were working!! Bersabal Team is definitely a very hardworking team! So, if you own a property that needs to be surveyed, don't hesitate to contact and ask me about it! :)

Anyway, Maragusan is definitely, without doubt, my favorite province ever! I'm going back there very soon! :)

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