December 21, 2011


I love receiving and giving letters to friends. If giving letters to strangers is not creepy, I would have given a couple of them some letters! But then I don't want to be that kind of creep, so I guess those who are close to my heart are very lucky to have me. Hahaha just kidding. :P I went through each of my things, one by one, even these letters kept inside a big envelope. I don't want to be show-y but I can't help but share all the letters I received over the years to the internet. The letters aren't shown for you to read what's in it so I guess it isn't show-y at all (except for the second photo). Plus, nobody goes to my blog everyday to read what I post anyway, so it's okay! :)

I was 8 years old when I wrote this. Actually, I gave my siblings and my parents a Valentine's letter each. Found this in my sister's envelope of letters. I kept this to myself because she's in Dubai now and I don't want to lose it. 
My best friend is really creative. I wish I was as creative in writing letters as her. 
Teary-eyed when I found this. My best friend in high school and I promised to write letters to each other when we reach college because she will be studying outside the City. It was exciting. I don't know why we stopped writing to each other, though.
I received letters from YFC-Ateneo people during Youth Camp. I got two letters from Michi :). 

Birthday letter back in 2007 from Dawn: "Ayaw padaot/papildi sa mga taong nagapaubos nimo" :')
Even letters like this make me smile! :)

I have a lot of letters that I didn't take pictures of and I treasure them! Honestly, I feel happy whenever I go through all these letters and cards! It makes me feel special somehow. Also, I am blessed to have friends who remind me that life is full of happiness and sweetness! :)


  1. I love old fashioned postcards and letters. There is something special about them.
    I think you deserve all the happiness and sweetness.

  2. It is special because what's written there are words personally written by the people who really love you. :)

  3. Anonymous8:07 PM

    It's always special :)


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