December 24, 2011

Blue polka-dotted panty, girl

You are sitting beside a guy
in front of me.
Not knowing that we are
looking at your panty.
They look so cute
and adorable, you see.
It makes us giggle for

Hahahaha gross. I wrote this during a one-day affair with four seminars to attend. I know I should have listened to the third speaker but we barely heard what she was saying. So we helped ourselves by having fun in our seats and pretended we were listening (I bet most of the people at the back did the same, too!). My seatmates and I played games on paper. It was fun! (not the cheating on the speaker part but the paper thing.)

P.S. I've been pretty bad this year, Santa. Am I getting anything at all? 

Merry Christmas! :)

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