December 27, 2011

Things you have no control over

You have no control over
other people's opinion;
other people's feelings.

You have no control over
the way they dress;
their style.

You have no control over
how they should react;
how they should respond.

You have no control over
who they must like;
who they should love.

December 25, 2011

Sondre Lerche

Photo taken from Amazon

Last night, on Christmas Eve, everyone got so crazy, wild and happy including me. Now, it's Christmas already and everyone are still sleepy. It's afternoon, a quarter to three, and the rain is pouring slightly; seems like a blessing on a Christmas Day. Everything feels calm and easy. I love it.

Listening to Sondre Lerche is just perfect on a cold weather. Plus, a cup of coffee makes it better. I am in love with all his songs. I'm listening only to his Duper Sessions album though but if I find time, I will check out all his albums. I love you, Sondre.

P.S. I love you, Sondre. Even more that I can take off my clothes slowly in front of you as long as you don't stop singing.

December 24, 2011

Blue polka-dotted panty, girl

You are sitting beside a guy
in front of me.
Not knowing that we are
looking at your panty.
They look so cute
and adorable, you see.
It makes us giggle for

Hahahaha gross. I wrote this during a one-day affair with four seminars to attend. I know I should have listened to the third speaker but we barely heard what she was saying. So we helped ourselves by having fun in our seats and pretended we were listening (I bet most of the people at the back did the same, too!). My seatmates and I played games on paper. It was fun! (not the cheating on the speaker part but the paper thing.)

P.S. I've been pretty bad this year, Santa. Am I getting anything at all? 

Merry Christmas! :)

December 21, 2011


I love receiving and giving letters to friends. If giving letters to strangers is not creepy, I would have given a couple of them some letters! But then I don't want to be that kind of creep, so I guess those who are close to my heart are very lucky to have me. Hahaha just kidding. :P I went through each of my things, one by one, even these letters kept inside a big envelope. I don't want to be show-y but I can't help but share all the letters I received over the years to the internet. The letters aren't shown for you to read what's in it so I guess it isn't show-y at all (except for the second photo). Plus, nobody goes to my blog everyday to read what I post anyway, so it's okay! :)

I was 8 years old when I wrote this. Actually, I gave my siblings and my parents a Valentine's letter each. Found this in my sister's envelope of letters. I kept this to myself because she's in Dubai now and I don't want to lose it. 
My best friend is really creative. I wish I was as creative in writing letters as her. 
Teary-eyed when I found this. My best friend in high school and I promised to write letters to each other when we reach college because she will be studying outside the City. It was exciting. I don't know why we stopped writing to each other, though.
I received letters from YFC-Ateneo people during Youth Camp. I got two letters from Michi :). 

Birthday letter back in 2007 from Dawn: "Ayaw padaot/papildi sa mga taong nagapaubos nimo" :')
Even letters like this make me smile! :)

I have a lot of letters that I didn't take pictures of and I treasure them! Honestly, I feel happy whenever I go through all these letters and cards! It makes me feel special somehow. Also, I am blessed to have friends who remind me that life is full of happiness and sweetness! :)

December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas

The thrill in knowing you still have something to smile about even if most of the things that surround you make you frown. It's Christmas! Merry Christmas, internet. :')

December 19, 2011

I'm weak but not for long

You have the power,
I have nothing.
When I'm done here,
you'll be forgotten.

December 10, 2011

It's good to reconnect

As I get older, I notice the things that I thought was easy to deal with now become the things I could not even understand. It gets complicated in the long run that I want to give up and run away with it.

I could have cheated on myself. I may have ran away from responsibilities, but I always make sure I am not hurting anything even myself. What I'm saying is, I always get away from what's in reality and reconnect to things I used to enjoy back in the days. School stuff is always right here on my desk, I could go back when I want to. You see, I am not really happy with what is going on with my life as a student but I am not also giving up on it. [If you're an engineering student, you'd understand] Maybe cheating from these school work responsibilities is okay. Maybe I need something to work on aside from it. Something to reconnect to.

Well, honestly, I have tried reconnecting to things I used to enjoy back when I was younger. These are just some of the things I used to have that makes me feel good about reconnecting to. And when I try to reconnect to it, it feels new but in a weird way. It feels new yet I already knew how to feel about it so it doesn't feel really new. Sometimes used-to's are not great to reconnect for a long time.

Then, I find myself going back to work. Only to realize that what matters now is what I am capable of doing at the moment. What matters now is satisfying myself with a one-of-a-kind happiness. Something that I never felt before. Something that I could get excited about reconnecting to five years from now. The point is, the older we get, the more we have to offer ourselves with something that is more of what we have when we were a year younger. Now, that's a challenge!

December 4, 2011

Stop caring about other's opinion of you

This entry turned out to be lengthy so I decided to put up a photo for it though I'm not sure if you'll get it but it seems that this very cute Tarsier seemed like not caring about me taking a picture of him/her. Which KIND OF speaks the whole thing in this entry. Again, kind of. :P

You don't really have to agree but sometimes we limit ourselves to ordinary things because we are too afraid of everyone talking about us when we start doing extraordinary things. Especially when we fail at it. We are too afraid to try. We want to do this but what if we fail? What would others say? What would their opinion be? Sure, people would say you can do it next time, you did your best, you need to try harder. Others would definitely say something bad about you like, why would you force yourself to do that when you know you really can't ... at all?

These things are inevitable. Most especially when you are trying to do the extraordinary.

All these things, good vibes and bad vibes, are natural. People always have an opinion about something -- most of the time, even things they don't know about. We are all the same. If we don't like something, we say it. If we do, we say it, too. Sometimes I am also part of the bad people who thinks passively when someone failed. Maybe because I know it is not good or it is just too good to be for someone, etcetera. I mean, I am not that harsh and I know how to balance my feelings (e.g anger and self-pity over someone). When someone failed and I know someone did his or her best, then maybe I shall give someone nice words but if I see someone failed and I know someone didn't take it seriously hence the failure then maybe I would say sad words over the situation. I do this to my very close friends because I know they would understand and they wouldn't take it as offense. Also, I do it to myself. [But in a different form like buying myself some lollipops or ice cream, perhaps. Sometimes, none.]

I always try my best at everything. Sometimes it isn't that obvious but I do work on it. So when I commit failure, I wonder what other people have to say. I have had failures over the years and I get nice words, uplifting words from people most of the time. I'd like to think they really believed in me. Those nice words are just to level-off sadness and thank you for those.

Failures are signs that you tried your best. That you believed in yourself that you can do it but something is lacking so you lose focus. But I am sure next time you could fill in what is lacking and you're good to go.

I don't deserve to give this advice for I am a girl who has commited failures a lot but I think from what I firmly believe: stop caring about other people's opinion of you. Those good type, embrace those and be thankful for they add that spirit of motivation in you. Those type that seems to hinder you from what you are doing, bitch slap those and walk away from them. They are distractions from what you are doing. If you do something, focus on it and convince the universe that you are worthy to get a prize. Whatever the result is, accept. Yet, acceptance is another story.
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