November 30, 2011

Missed Connection: Project plan, cute guy, almost-transparent

One afternoon when no one was in our home but me, I decided to bum around the house just wearing an almost-transparent white sando and a grey mini short -- all cotton. My hair was messy for I only comb my hair every after shower. I watched tv like a boss. I didn't mind how I looked for no one was around and the only eyes that can see me were that of our three talking Mynah birds who alternatively whistles "witwew" also says "pangit pangit pangit" for no reason.

Anyway, I was watching TV when suddenly you knocked on our green metal gate. Of course, I was annoyed for the show was exciting and I can't pause it. I needed to go outside to check who you are but I also needed to go upstairs to get a shirt and a normal short for I dressed like those girls in FHM (well, not really hahaha). But you knocked loudly so I decided to just go out and hide behind the gate just so you'd shut up and to get back to the program as quickly as possible. I was so embarrased but the only thing that mattered was the tv show (hahaha) so I needed to finish you fast! Did it sound right? Hahaha

So there I was talking to you behind the gate. You asked if my brother was around and I said no. You gave me a roll of paper. I think it is a project plan for my brother. That time I think I forgot how I looked, I moved from behind the gate and held the paper. As I was looking at the paper, I noticed your voice got shaky and when I looked at you, your eyes were downwards while telling me what the paper was about. I realized you saw how I really looked when I am sleeping. Almost-transparent white sando, mini shorts and messy hair. Although the hair didn't really matter but hahaha dammmmn boy. I am so sorry.

I was laughing all alone even though I was watching a drama show. Until now I still laugh whenever I remember it. I wonder if you delivered another project plan to my brother after that day. If you did, I wonder if you still remember that afternoon and the way I looked.

Needless to say, you are cute. Hahaha


  1. Hmm, I betcha he's thinking about you ;-)

    P.S. If you're into surprises you may want to check out my giveaway!

  2. Hahaha I hope not! That was really embarrassing! :) I'll check your blog and will follow you on Bloglovin! ;)


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