November 26, 2011

Magazine Holder

This is not really a do-it-yourself. It is more like a re-make of an old living room furniture. I was once a magazine addict. I always buy at least one mag per month. Those were the times when I cared so much about my favorite mainstream local artists. For years, all the magazines I bought were piled in one corner of the room. It looked so messy. Until my brother bought a magazine holder so our visitors could read something in the living room. Also, for the sake of having a cleaner area. It lasted only for a year. I stopped caring about those people so I stopped buying magazines (Good to know, right?) From then, nobody cared so much about the magazine holder. After 5 years, I decided to give away the magazines and leave some behind. Also, clean the magazine holder and add color to it.

It stayed inside a large cabinet, dusty for years. The fabric is not in a good condition at all.

So, I decided to wash and paint it. Adding colors to fabric is fun. I used Burnt Sienna for the outline and Vermilion (and a little bit of Lemon Yellow) for the fabric. Spent the whole Friday afternoon just painting. It looked good to me. 

Yay for the happy colors! Now, I am ready to make my own magazine and put it in our "new" magazine holder! I've been wanting to make my own mag for years. I will work on it! :)

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