November 18, 2011

Life would be easier if I were smarter

I have always thought I'm smart (haha) but when I entered college, it was a little different. I became the not-so-smart-academically person and I'm okay with it. But sometimes I get frustrated thinking that my batchmates are graduating very soon [some even have work] and here I am still a student, trying to figure out engineering stuff and of course, art. Though I'm not really good at making art, I still force myself to make things that make me happy. Since engineering kind of makes me feel sad at times. Art is there to balance my feelings.

Anyway, back in the days when my sister was in college and I was in elementary, I teased her for having failing grades. I never knew engineering was hard. Now I understand how in the world she failed her subjects. She was not even mad at me before. Maybe when I exclaimed that I'm going to take engineering, she laughed mentally because she knew it's hard and I'm going to have failing subjects. Hahaha Well, fair enough. I guess I'm going to stay a little longer in my university.

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