November 23, 2011

Giving into sadness

It is a funny fact that even if I think I am strong enough to face a problem, I find myself going to a familiar dark path, eventually get lost and wait to be rescued. But it doesn't happen all the time -- usually when I encounter new things.

When you feel sad, would you give into sadness or divert to other things? I usually give into sadness. Even if I wanted to go to the other side, I just can't seem to find peace when I know there's war going on somewhere in my heart. I admire people who have the ability to divert and erase whatever feeling they want to forget. If you're one of them, please teach me how.

Do you also feel like, when you're really sad, you are indirectly placed in a familiar place in mind? You are crying in your room, trying to recall everything that happened and then eventually you are in a state where it seems like everything just hurts. You feel helpless and then you cry more. This time, loudly.

Feels kind of weird sharing this personal thing on the internet. I don't know why in the world am I typing this hahaha. Hello internet, I just told you how I really am when I am really sad. You're welcome.

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