November 19, 2011

Blog Challenge: How you hope your future will be like

I would like my future to be more adventurous; have tight relationships with a lover and a small number of friends, be busy at work but have time for other things; spend free afternoons baking cookies, cake and others; own a small house even if I am not married yet; design my own house; own a small store be it a coffee shop, boutique, flower shop, or anything; design my own shop; own a space on the internet; publish all these entries in a book; ...

With no specific place to spend all these things yet, I would like my future to be stable in a happy place. Just because it is a happy place doesn't mean I wouldn't like to face problems. I know there is a copious amount of problems waiting for me but living in a happy place -- being with people I love and being surrounded with people who are nice -- would make everything fine.

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