November 9, 2011

50 no handed bike moves

The only thing that I never crossed out on my To Do List for semester break is: Learn how to ride a bike.

I don't know how to ride a bike and I blame myself so much for not exerting effort. Even though my mother never wanted me to ride a bike in the first place. She should be blamed! Hahahaha but then, I never should have listened to her -- like what my other siblings did. I have 5 siblings and among us it is I who don't know how to balance on a bike. Poor me.

Anyway, this video displays 50 no handed bike moves. My favorites are: The Archer, The Letter Writer, The Swimmer, The Graceful Swan, The Smoker, The Cup Of Tea, The Olympic Swimmer, The Canoe & The Mime.

Ninian Doff, the one who made the video, said that I should learn (how to ride a bike) today! I have a whole lifetime to learn how and I am definitely not going to die unless I have done biking. I swear! :P

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