October 19, 2011

Spending With Someone You Love In This Harsh World Mix

Photos by me

Dates aren't always about going out with someone you really love. It isn't about eating at a fancy restaurant. Not even about watching movies and end up having sex on the couch. Sometimes spending a night with someone who could sing a song for you even if that someone isn't used to singing will be I think a memorable date you could ever have.

Do you know what scene is on my mind right now? It's a boy holding a guitar and a girl singing their favorite songs (including the songs in this mix, of course) and the boy singing along. Also, writing their own lyrics and making a happy song out of it. Not minding the world, the harsh world, at all. Just them, some wine, some music and loads of love encircling them. What a beautiful night it could be. :)

This scene has been on my mind while picking songs in my files. Enjoy, kids! :)

Track list:
Just The Way You Are; Maggie G. 
Sea Of Love; Cat Power
I Really Do; Seapony
This Is Real; Best Coast
Down By The Water; The Drums
Black Saabath; Bee Eyes
Before You Cry; Camera Obscura
Fine; The Cardigans
The Quiz; Hello Saferide
You And I; Wilco

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