October 31, 2011

Sometimes, you just need to get lost in order to find yourself.

Hahaha it makes me giggle everytime I read that sentence. Why? Because I am experiencing that now. Why do I always have to learn things the hard way? 

It is surprising how life puts the jokes on me. I was not expecting something so big to happen just so I could wake up and face how wrong my life was. Okay, wrong is a strong word to describe it (perhaps, really rude) but those things (not all, just some) in the past really wasn't right. More like losing edge of everything. I'm glad it happened though because if not I wouldn't be able to change my pace at all. That is from not right to less wrong -- at least.

Some things to put in mind:

First, get out of the situation when people gets too negative. Because if not, you will find yourself being negative, too. Example: gossip. Second, I am guilty of talking about how irritated and annoyed I am at one person. And knowing some people feel the same way, too, somehow makes me calm. But it is just wrong. I am sorry for being so frank. I should give them chances and be patient and understand that they are born that way. Instead of babbling about how annoying they are, just understand them and get off that. Third, learn not to get too attached to some things and some people. You never get that mutual feeling always. Sometimes you find yourself very sad because you're not part of other peoples' plans and shit like that. My friends have friends, you know. Haha

I just can't explain how at ease I am from getting lost for a while. That was months, bro. And that was tough. Just follow your mind and heart and when you get lost at one point, let it be. You're not going to be lost for the rest of your life if you will just take time for yourself to realize things. This doesn't require a large amount of time nor instant amount. You just need to be patient and solve that puzzle. Life is a jigsaw puzzle and you're too old enough to solve it. It must be very easy for you. Just believe. :)

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