October 19, 2011

Scribbles 1

Always been a scribbler ever since I started art class in elementary. Scribbling is my last resort when there's nothing to be done. Just like these past days, all I did was lay in bed, watch tv, browse some good stuff on the internet and scribbling. Though I'm not really good at it and my scribbles have always been bad, I still continue doing it because it gives me a feeling of being satisfied for some reason. 

Eye glasses' shadow

 One rainy evening and the Wi-Fi was being a bitch, I tried to draw my room though not that exactly. 

This morning a very good friend, Dallah, and I had a small talk through my status (which says: spinispin, I know I put some pointless stuff people wouldn't understand at all haha) and every time I get by with her, I always remember one moment in high school, specifically second year.

Actually, it says: "Lord, dili na mi manlibak" :p

That was the most ridiculous high school memory I have. Despite the fact that we were being kind of bad girls back then, I really loved it and it will always be in my memory. I love you, Dawn :D

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