October 8, 2011

One Of Those Phases

I hate how I want to be away from people more than I want to be around them. Like’s there’s two obvious sides of me.. One that wants to make friends and be active and one that just wants to have nothing to do with anybody and worry about myself. This has been going on and off for so long now.. Sometimes it’s the reason I don’t want to hang out with friends and shit. I don’t know, hard to explain. Hopefully it’s just one of those phases.

This is exactly how I feel these past few months. Surprisingly, this post from Tumblr got a big number of notes which includes
for those who don’t knowLikes and Re-blogs. That means I am not the only one who feels kind of weird at times. When I saw the number of notes, I feel relieved and was not worrisome ever since. You know that feeling when you thought you're the only one who is sad and that everyone else is happy. Then you realized 90 percent of them are actually feeling or experiencing the same situation (not really the same but almost) as you. That feeling of happiness, of not being alone somehow. It's just the best feeling.

And yes, I'd like to think this is just a phase I'm going through and I am on my way out. Sucks to be me at times.

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