October 11, 2011

Missed Connection: That smile!

I hated all Tuesdays of first semester simply because of one subject. And here comes exam week. Alas! I'm going to say good bye to my "I hate Tuesdays drama" on Twitter. Today's the last day I'm going to be in this class, though, I am assured to re-take it next semester but whatever. I hated it.

Anyway, I was walking along Roxas Avenue. It was four in the afternoon and the exam is scheduled at 4:10 pm. So I walked hurriedly. All I ever thought was the subject alone and thinking about it makes me worry more. I didn't know how to calm down that time and no one is there to divert my attention.

While walking towards Claveria gate, I, unconsciously, was looking at you. Unconsciouslymaybe because the only thing in my mind was the exam. Until you smiled at me. That's when I realized we were staring at each other for seconds.

You smiled, I gave you a smirk. How stupid. Of course I wanted to smile back but I don't know what happened. Hahaha

It wasn't the first time you smiled at me. You smile at me every time we see each other (and we seldom see each other!) and I smile back. Maybe because I was worried and negative that time but I promise not to give you a smirk ever again. You're a nice guy. You don't deserve it. :)

P.S. I really like your smile. :)

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