October 8, 2011

Missed Connection: Jeepney Ride Going To Roxas Ave.

So I chose to ride a jeepney that is almost full because I don't want to be late for class. We have a quiz scheduled on that day and being a lazy daisy I always review my notes in the jeepney going to school. I was barely sitting that time but I didn't mind. Honestly I was hoping some passengers will drop off very soon.

Some of the passengers were looking at me like I am the most annoying living being they've ever seen and I don't even know why. Maybe because I rode the jeepney knowing it's almost full. Not sure but whatever. I was just being nonchalant so I could focus on my notes.

Then I saw you smiling at me. Not the kind that tells something sweet but rather a smile that seemed to be saying something odd. Maybe you're trying to tell me that I look like a nerd because I'm reading my notes. Or maybe you're laughing inside because I can't sit properly but that would make you a bitch which is definitely not appropriate for your cute face.

A student from other school dropped off so I was able to sit properly. I took a glimpse of you and you're still smiling -- the same kind you've shown me the first time. I was so curious, are we classmates or have we met in the campus before?

We dropped off at Roxas gate. Curious and annoyed at the same time, I wanted to ask "Unsa'y problema nimo?" but I didn't look at you after getting off the jeepney. I don't want to know your reason but I want to know your name.

I think you're also an engineering student but this is just me being judgmental. Hahaha :P

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