October 9, 2011

Missed Connection: National Bookstore, Black Shirt, Hong Kong Travel Guide

I seldom go to the mall and whenever I do, I always make sure to check books in National Book Store. I have plenty of missed connections there and this the latest.

I watched No Other Woman with Creamie that afternoon. And after watching the film twice, we were walking around until I decided to check some books in NBS because I'm planning to buy one for semester break. We stayed there for almost an hour just reading books. She was reading some books from Filipino authors while I was trying to choose which Murakami book to purchase.

After a while, when I already chose which book to buy soon, I came up to Creamie, who is standing adjacent to you. At first, I didn't mind you but you looked cute through my peripheral vision though I didn't see your face completely but just looking at this side of you makes me want to know you more. Hahaha

Are you planning to go to Hong Kong? Because you've been reading that book for quite some time since I saw you. Maybe you want to see pictures of places you will visit soon. You even took photos using your phone until somebody told you it's prohibited. And after a while you were gone. I didn't notice you were gone. I was looking around but I can't find you.

It's been almost two weeks since I saw you. Maybe you're in Hong Kong now enjoying the beautiful places you've seen from the book. I didn't even know if you bought it because I didn't check the shelf. Most probably you didn't because you wouldn't be taking photos from it if you're going to buy it, right?

Anyway, I was the girl who took a book form the same shelf. The girl who spoke about France and how I wanted to be there. I'm sure you heard me because I was standing a step away from you. Creamie didn't know I've been eyeing you because I don't want to be teased that time. But I told her. And showed her this photo.

I hope I could see you soon, again, the same place, the same shelf, holding the same book. And we'll go travel around the world. :P

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