October 29, 2011

Holga Micro-110

This is an overdue entry for my "proposed" project back in 2009. Just so you know, that year was the time when I decided to try out something not cheap. So when I got the camera on hand, I told myself to shoot nice things so my money will be well-spent. Hahaha When I got the mail of the developed films, the excitement was just different. So different from all the kind of excitement I have been feeling ever since. That was a one-of-a-kind feeling. To see the photos you've taken with an analog camera is the best feeling in the world. That was my first time and I can tell the photos aren't so bad at all. Though there are some that are blurry and stuff like that but fuck that. Photos don't need to be crisp, sharp and focused all the time! 

Anyway, here are the results of my first roll using Holga Micro-110 Camera :)

Technically, the very first shot! Hello!

So this shot and the next two shots were all about shoot here, shoot this, shoot that! Why? Because I did not know if it actually works! You need to roll the film manually.

These boys did not believe the camera I'm holding is a real camera. They thought I'm just fooling around but they ended up posing for it hahaha so cute!!

This is nostalgic. My room doesn't look like this anymore. And that laptop is dead.

For the following photos, I was holding two cameras: Holga and Pentax digital camera. Shoot the same scene at the same time and you know what? Analog nailed it!

This was when I had a memorable time with my engineering friends in NCCC mall. I remember we went to the grocery store and bought snacks (even a liter of Coke and plastic cups) and entered the movie house like we're having a movie marathon! Ha!

Room R202. No engineering student, at least my batch and old batches, has never had a class in here except for the new ones. I like this room. This is an engineering office now.

A view from R202 corridor: Marco Polo Davao, the tallest building in the city yet.

That building is where Ateneo Library is.

To end it, hello dramatic curtains!

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