October 29, 2011

Holga Micro-110 (2nd film)

For my second roll of film! 

That kid was looking at me when I was about to push the button but I guess I was too slow.  

Taken inside the jeepney going to school. The girl in the opposite side was looking at me while sneeking through Holga's mini viewfinder. I bet she thought I was crazy or maybe she has a thing for lomography, too.

A window from an old classroom. I kind of miss this place. Back in 3rd year college, I had countless naps here. Sometimes I gather chairs and sleep and didn't care what other people think about me -- sleeping in a uniform, facing the electric fan. There were times when we just hang out, watch videos on-line and play cards and do our projects and other stuff. It was a "free room" for everybody but mostly engineering. I wish they didn't turn this into an air-conditioned room.


On my way home. Hello, cat!

I have a thing for clouds. Back when I was kid, I thought people can stopover in the clouds while traveling in a plane. Heh.

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