October 18, 2011

A Good Day, Everyday

Days after my brother and Ate Karen’s wedding. I woke up with my door open and this  part of our house looked so serene from my bed. So I called my sister and told her to sit there for just a second and look at the window. Glad she’s very participative. :)
And that day ended so well. Sometimes waking up on the right side of our bed can change the whole day's mood. I'd like to believe that we should feed ourselves something good in the morning -- a prayer, a smile in front of the mirror (not minding how you look, how messy your hair is... just smile), a good shirt to wear, a good coffee, or even looking at a serene part of the house can make you feel better.

When you go home exhausted from school or work find something to drink and go to your favorite couch and read a book (at least a chapter).

Or, you can listen to Passafire's Kilo and dance to the beat if you feel like it. :p

Have a good day, everyday! 

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