October 25, 2011

The Finnish Line

I bought this book last year (or maybe last, last year) and from then it was just sitting in my book shelf. I tried to read it though but it didn't interest me much or maybe because my mind was busy thinking of something else so I couldn't focus. Anyway, at long last, I have finally read it and it gave me a night full of thoughts about how lovely the story was -- yes, it's a love story , and some other things. :)

What do you get in buying books from some old book shop? Yes, a price tag in front of the cover, covering the title of the book! I don't like it but then there goes the "don't judge the book by its cover" -- it's a good book, really :)
Mo Clark set foot to Finland for the Scholar and Athlete Exchange to work on ski jumps. Also, to escape from the shadow of his well-known family, especially her dad. She is very excited to join the Olympics. Though women athletes are not allowed to play for the Olympics (which I didn't know until I read this book), Mo works really hard for the women to be recognized.

Her host family is very nice and accommodating except their daughter and Mo's roommate, Kirsti. She somehow took care of Mo because they have a responsibility to look after her. They had sauna together, ran outside, rolled in the snow naked. These things made them somehow close to each other.

Mo is very excited to jump in the Lahti Ski Games. She's a good ski jumper back in Utah but of course she has to practice her jumps in a new environment. She is not very interested in her classes because she always thinks about the practice (after class), her jumps, her progress. Good thing she has friends Riia and Tapio (who didn't know they have mutual feelings until the last chapters of the story) to help her in translating their professors's instructions -- they talk Finnish in school.

And then she met Leevi, a bad-looking guy who is one of the best ski jumpers in their school but mostly ignored by other students because he is a Gypsy. Though always alone, he doesn't look lonely. He is the kind of guy who seems to not minding other people as well. He is cute, too! Mo kind of likes him but the people around her said she must not talk to Gypsies because they have bad reputation in the place.

Mo didn't mind that. One time, Leevi caught Mo's attention since she has not been doing well in their practice. He offered her a service in which he will teach him how to focus more and some techniques to jump and not jump short. Mo agreed on that.

Since then they meet before their practice but everyone doesn't know about it. Except Kirsti but she acts like she didn't know about it. Mo and Leevi slowly have feelings for each other. A lot of things happened especially when they have their field trip in Kemi, northern part of Finland. But in the end it ended so well.

During the Lahti Ski Games, Mo got to the top three. Kirsti got the first place. Things between Mo and Kirsti are now okay. Also, Riia and Tapio finally knew they're feelings for each other (thanks to Mo!) and of course, Mo and Leevi kissed and made up.

Now that things are doing pretty well, Mo had to leave for Utah. Now that she got used to Leevi, she had to leave him behind. But Leevi said, "There are no endings, only beginnings". 

Mo rode a plane going home to Utah when she saw a letter in her pocket that says: Just wanted to let you know I got a scholarship to the Colorado Mountain College so I'll be training for Steamboat Springs. See you on the circuit. That made her smile. Truly, that was just the beginning.


The story is so cute. I honestly fell in love with it that I shouted at the last part because it was just so cute!! Hahaha So much for the love story, this book is an eyeopener. I learned some facts about Finland and Ski jumping. Also, some facts about Gandalf of Lord Of The Rings. But you have to read the book if you want to know about it! This book is definitely a good read! :)

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