October 8, 2011

The Drums

I've been listening to this band ever since I heard their song Down By The Water. Listening to it makes me feel loved. One time I told a friend: "Every time I listen to it, I feel calm. It's like I don't need a boyfriend at all. I can listen to this song every second of my life. And I'm okay with it." He smiled. Obviously he didn't like it and so I just shut up.

Some of their songs though are not in my scope of Likes. So I only have 5 songs including a song from their latest album Portamento. How It Ended, the only song I liked because it's sad. I just realized now that most of these songs are sad. Maybe I'm a sad person Hahaha

I have known them just this year but when I heard It Will All End In Tears, I just realized that I had already passed through this band last year but I don't know where I heard it first. Maybe from a mix or from a movie.

Anyway, their songs, at least the five songs I have, are good to listen to with a bottle of beer because of strong words used and the way they sing them -- just adds more drama. Listen to them and cry your heart out now, baby. :P

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