October 1, 2011

Debie, 21, undecided but just fine

21 is the age of a girl who is, most likely, has a lot of concrete dreams, and working hard for her dreams to be achieved.
A girl who has read a lot of books (but this doesn't seem to fit for everybody so you can crash it out).
A girl who has broken a lot of hearts, and had her heart broken twice as much.
A girl who is strong to face whatever challenge she may face ahead.
I am 21.
And my dreams aren't concrete. I am even shy to tell these dreams so they're just encircling(?) inside my head all the time --mostly during idle time at school or home. As I would like to achieve all of them one by one, I don't have any clue where to start or what to do.
I can't consider myself as a girl who has read a lot of books but if you consider college books then I might be a bookworm (but not really).
My heart has broken a lot of times. Almost everyday. But it's not a big deal since I have a short attention span so I can divert myself to other things and leave the bullshit behind.
Well, at some point I am strong and I'd like to think that I am getting stronger everyday. But there are times I am in doubt when challenges come my way.
You can say I'm undecided; my dreams are always impossible. But I'd like to believe always that nothing is impossible in this world and that whatever you think, whatever your dreams are, for as long as it is not about the real impossible things, it's achievable.
Real impossible things? Those things that are definitely not happening. Mostly childish dreams e.g. being able to talk to a cat and that cat will talk back. You know, things as blurry as that.
But... you know what? I'm just fine.

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