October 4, 2011

Date A Girl Who Goes On Adventures

I have always wanted to participate in Date A Girl series but I am always out of ideas. This time I will try to write something and if it comes out nice then you're probably reading this. :p

Date a girl who goes on adventures. Date a girl who likes cheap adventures. She is not a fan of well-developed beaches and resorts. She may be afraid to go to secret places but is always game to try new challenges. She can build a tent, make a bonfire, and eat marshmallows with you. She wants to spend more time with someone she loves in a nature setting, rather than in places where mostly young couples want to be. 

Date a girl who can bring you to the top of a mountain. She is always thrilled on climbing a mountain to view the whole city. That means she is a girl who has dreams and works on her dreams with pure strength and determination. And she knows that she will get to the top because she stands firmly on her visions. She has a positive attitude and motivation. She will show you how beautiful the world is. And mostly, she wants to witness sunrise with you. So when the sun rises on the mountains, wake her up and kiss her and tell her that you love her. That in every sunrise you will be with her and at sunset you will hug her so tight to keep her warm until the sun rises again.

Date  a girl who can bring you to the top of the falls. She may be afraid at climbing to the top but she never lets the mossy rocks slip her down. She grips tightly on the roots or even twigs of trees but she never gives up because she wants to see how beautiful nature can be.

Climbing makes her realize that even when you're at the top of the world, you need to go down to make room for others. So be with her and take care of her and let her know that life is full of ups and downs. You don't need to promise but please be with her when she's on her way down.

Date a girl who is not only adventurous but also who likes to spend time at home on a weekend. She is  simple and doesn't need any attention from others. For her, even spending a night inside her room watching some movies, drink some wine, talk about anything and other activities such as making a composition about life and love are fine. She wants to offer you food that she cooked. Take her outside and walk around the village and talk about random things. Make her laugh. Make her feel secured. Let her know that she's special.

As much as possible, the relationship she wants is simple. She doesn't need any expensive things from you. Material things aren't a big deal. She only wants you and be with you to her journeys.

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