October 27, 2011

Boring days, hard days and sad nights

Boring days, don't we all have that? Hard days and sad nights, too? 

Boring days? There won't be such thing when you make yourself productive. But there are times that we find ourselves sitting in front of the tv or computer and not doing something important. Sometimes we even complain and let everyone know how bored we are through social networking sites *guilty*. This semestral break, unlike the past years I've decided to stay at home and not go out to some adventures. I feel like I really need to know myself more by spending at home and do home chores and other things. Surely, there were boring days that made me want to go out, drink, and stuff but then I realized that when I get bored, I don't necessarily need to go out and party, all I need is to think of creative ways to get out of the situation. Since I've been always out for the past years. And so far I have done things that I never thought I would do. And I am happy about it. I love adventures but I need to have time for myself alone.

Hard days and sad nights. This semester break is crazy. I've known my highs and lows as an individual. I thought days before semester break, my every day will be full of happiness. But I was wrong. There were nights when I am very happy, and some nights when I feel very sad. But those emotional nights helped me to realize things and situations. Though it made me really depressed, but in the end I feel satisfied. It may sound weird but as much as I needed a win, I needed to sit on my bed and cry my heart out, too. Life has been so cruel for the past months. I need to get over it by crying all out.

And by those realizations and thoughts and flashbacks and everything, I think I am ready to go outside and look up the sky, the buildings, strangers and get to know more about the world. I am ready now because I've known who I am. Not a hundred percent though because change is constant. Some changes may take place but things will work out just fine. I just know.

This is too personal but I need to share this: Be thankful for the boring days, hard days and sad nights because without them you wouldn't be able to write something and nowhere to write from, at least, about the other side of life.

You need to feel new, fresh and strong sometimes. So for the challenges and trials that are moving toward me, come at me bro.

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