October 19, 2011

Blog Challenge: A Moment You Felt The Most Satisfied With Your Life.

The moment when I turned 21 years old. Or, maybe days after. Few steps back from my 21st birthday, I decided to celebrate it in an unusual way since my brother and I share the same birthday (with years apart. I don't exactly know how many years, haha). We usually invite friends to come over and have a lot of food served for everyone ever since. But that ever since memory started maybe when he became an engineer. Sadly, I can't remember any birthday celebrations before that. But I'm sure my parents always had something to celebrate on our birthday.

Fast forward to my 21st birthday -- I woke up in the morning when my brother, Ate Karen and Karsten opened my door and surprised me with a gift: a tumbler with six photos and a "Tita Debie" written on it. Also, Karsten sat on top of me and sang me the birthday song. Heh.

Ate Karen asked me how many classmates am I inviting for dinner and I said something like: "None." But my brother insisted to invite some people. So, "Okay."

At that point, I wanted some changes but maybe that decision was not good. Maybe I wanted some changes but not on my birthday. I should be happy and be with friends on my birthday. So I actually spent that night with college friends. They gave me a cake and some balloons. Some gifts that I really love. That night was a happy one :)

Days after that I realized I have a good family and very good friends. In other words, I am surrounded by good people and I am satisfied with it. I am happy that at least, even if I am not living in my dreams, even if I am not travelling alone, even if I have no precious things, I have the best people in this lifetime. The best and sometimes the worse but that's the way it is. You can't be the best when you haven't been the worse.

To sum this all up: I love those people who I have feelings for. Not the mushy type of feeling but  those love-and-hate feeling we have for one another. But that hate feeling I am talking about is not really hate. What I mean is I have friends who aren't my ideal friends but are always there for me so that is why I love them. I accept their worse attitudes toward me. And yes, I know they do accept mine, too.

I am satisfied with the gift of friends. :)

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