October 3, 2011

Beautiful Distractions

It was quarter to 1 in the afternoon. I was in second floor of Finster building (or del Rosario, since both buildings are attached. But technically I was in Finster with just a step away from del Rosario.) If you’re from Ateneo – it’s the place where mostly Archi students stay. I was facing an open space so I can see the sky clearly. So I sat there reviewing for a quiz at 1, just a few minutes away.

I started memorizing some stuff when a big black butterfly, with a big white spot on each wings, flying against a portion of my view of the clear blue sky. How nice. It was so beautiful that I was in awe until it was gone. I didn’t even get to take a photo of it because I was so focused on every flap of its wings. Maybe that's how serenity feels like though I'm not so sure.

Then it's gone.

After a while, a jet plane made two parallel solid lines that became dashes and then faded too soon. What a nice view. This time I took a photo it.

Then just as soon as the jet plane reached to its farthest journey from my eyes, at least, an airplane caught my attention. I saw it from my peripheral vision. Good thing I was able to take a photo of it.

That time, the world gave me, for the first time this semester, beautiful distractions. I love it!

I paused for a moment and smiled.

Then the bell rang.

That day ended so well.

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