October 9, 2011

Allo Darlin'

I first heard them from a mix made by Ge. The song was Will You Spend New Year's With Me and instantly fell in love with it. From then on I listed them on my Favorite Bands Ever!! :P Their songs are too cute to ignore. Plus, the happy tunes they make which never fails to brighten my mood, and I sing to it, too, with all the gestures my hands make like for example snapping and constantly swaying to the tune. Hahaha

Allo Darlin' is my medicine for loneliness. I mean, you can listen to them and fall in love endlessly. :P


I tweeted Allo Darlin' just when I finished writing this. And they replied. OMG, I am so happy knowing the fact that they've read my entry about them! I love you, guys! :P

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