October 16, 2011

10 Thoughts For The Day

  • Don't just talk and talk. Think first before talking. Think if what you're going to say won't harm one's feelings. Also, when asking questions, don't ask something so obvious or you'll look stupid.
  • Assuming is okay but sometimes we overreact to something that happened which leads us to assume very nice things. Sometimes assuming makes us happy. Other times, it makes us very sad. So when you find yourself assuming too much, pause for a while and remind yourself to stay calm and don't think too much about it. As much as possible divert your attention to something else.
  • Some people don't show their angelic face all the time. You may get annoyed at them because they look so negative to you thus ruining your day (or those times when you get all so happy and then someone's aura smells so bad and you thought it's because of you so you start to hate this person) but you should know that people have other businesses so you might as well ignore them or you can change their mood to a positive vibe. That surely is a combo!
  • Too much use of social networking sites is not good. Why? Well, all of us have something to say about how bad it is so I will leave it up to you. We might have the same sentiments, too! (I am very proud of myself for not using too much of it nowadays except Twitter. Yay!)
  • There's too much to learn in life. If you're in your 20's, spread yourself to different activities like cooking, cleaning, making crafts, painting or any other things that you haven't tried ever since. Do multitasking (not only in front of the computer) but in real life, too!
  • Sometimes you need to let go of some good things life has offered you. Move on. And start another journey in a different road.
  • Grades aren't the basis of how good you are as a person. You may fail but there's a reason why it happened. Especially when you did your best but the situation is just so complicated.
  • "Life is not a race." (as told by a very good friend when I was so sad because of failure) Also, if you're not living in a dull/complicated/plain sad life (sometimes), then there's nothing to write about or talk about or to be challenged.
  • Respect the elders especially when they are always there for you ever since. If you get annoyed because they don't agree with your decisions and other stuff (or because you're such a brat lol) , respect their decision. Don't say bad words. Keep calm and just nod. Seriously, when these kind of people don't go your way, it is a sign that you must think twice and analyze some things in the decision you are making. They know more about life than you do. And they care about you. :)
  • Be thankful always to have such loving family or friends. Those people who feed you positive vibes when you're really down. Who are always willing to give you nice words just so you wouldn't feel very sad anymore. Love them. Don't let them go. Also, do the same when they need help. We all need a healthy relationship even with such a small number of people.

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