October 10, 2011

10 Things I Know To Be True (Inspired by Sarah Kay)

1. We all have different taste in music and all other things. So there's no way we could fight over the opposites. Also, fighting over which type of music genre is the best is ridiculous. Things will never be okay if that happens. It will create hate and so on. So avoid that.

2. We hate some people at some point. Admit it. There are times you just can't look someone in their eyes because you don't like them at the moment or the worse from the very beginning.

3. I am a happy person but. We all are, by default, happy individuals BUT when heartaches come we all become mad monsters. Hahaha Sensitive people, just like me, have a happy/sad life in a day.

4. We have secrets. Some we tell to our best friend, others we keep it to ourselves. Best friends are there to soak up some of our secrets but there are some things that we most likely want to keep to ourselves. It's either you're shy or you just want to give yourself some privacy. It's more like creating a mystery for everyone to think of but then, no one really cares so...

5. Alone at Friday/Saturday night doesn't always mean being lonely. Somepeople always think some people are boring and killjoy. Truth is, there are some people who don't need a wild night to be happy. Some just needs to be alone -- reading a book, learning a new recipe, watching television, listening to music, or blogging. :p

6. The smell of the rain makes us feel nostalgic about childhood. That moment when the rain starts to pour, you smell it and images run to your head. Images from childhood, or moments you had with someone you were with.

7. Singing makes us calm. I swear this is true! And if you haven't tried it, always remember that whenever your patience thermometer rises up, keep calm and sing a song! :P

8. We're not satisfied of some things in life. That is why we keep on striving even for some things that don't mean anything to us really. But I'm not saying it's bad. Go on, follow what you think/feel is right for you.

9. Something is the best word to say when you don't want to point out a particular thing that you don't like or you're not sure of.

10. We are all artists. Of course, we paint/draw/sculpt/carve/photograph/build our own lives! :)

*So random that I didn't think too much of what to write. Just like what Sarah Kay did in her speech over this video.

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