October 31, 2011

Sometimes, you just need to get lost in order to find yourself.

Hahaha it makes me giggle everytime I read that sentence. Why? Because I am experiencing that now. Why do I always have to learn things the hard way? 

It is surprising how life puts the jokes on me. I was not expecting something so big to happen just so I could wake up and face how wrong my life was. Okay, wrong is a strong word to describe it (perhaps, really rude) but those things (not all, just some) in the past really wasn't right. More like losing edge of everything. I'm glad it happened though because if not I wouldn't be able to change my pace at all. That is from not right to less wrong -- at least.

Some things to put in mind:

First, get out of the situation when people gets too negative. Because if not, you will find yourself being negative, too. Example: gossip. Second, I am guilty of talking about how irritated and annoyed I am at one person. And knowing some people feel the same way, too, somehow makes me calm. But it is just wrong. I am sorry for being so frank. I should give them chances and be patient and understand that they are born that way. Instead of babbling about how annoying they are, just understand them and get off that. Third, learn not to get too attached to some things and some people. You never get that mutual feeling always. Sometimes you find yourself very sad because you're not part of other peoples' plans and shit like that. My friends have friends, you know. Haha

I just can't explain how at ease I am from getting lost for a while. That was months, bro. And that was tough. Just follow your mind and heart and when you get lost at one point, let it be. You're not going to be lost for the rest of your life if you will just take time for yourself to realize things. This doesn't require a large amount of time nor instant amount. You just need to be patient and solve that puzzle. Life is a jigsaw puzzle and you're too old enough to solve it. It must be very easy for you. Just believe. :)

October 30, 2011

Basilica Minore del Sto. Nino

This photo is taken on April 2009 when we had a family vacation in Cebu. It was my first time in Cebu City. On our second day, we visited seven churches because my sister said that when visiting a new place, you should visit seven churches in that place.

One of the seven churches we've visited is the Basilica Minore del Santo Nino. It is the oldest church in Cebu and the oldest church I've been to! Inside, you get to see old paintings and sculptures. Also, there's a store that sells rosaries, bibles among others.

Early this year, I went to visit Cebu City again and on my last day, I made sure to visit this church and have a time for prayer and myself. There's something about going inside an old church. It makes me feel special and thankful for my life even if it is not that grand.

October 29, 2011

Holga Micro-110 (2nd film)

For my second roll of film! 

That kid was looking at me when I was about to push the button but I guess I was too slow.  

Taken inside the jeepney going to school. The girl in the opposite side was looking at me while sneeking through Holga's mini viewfinder. I bet she thought I was crazy or maybe she has a thing for lomography, too.

A window from an old classroom. I kind of miss this place. Back in 3rd year college, I had countless naps here. Sometimes I gather chairs and sleep and didn't care what other people think about me -- sleeping in a uniform, facing the electric fan. There were times when we just hang out, watch videos on-line and play cards and do our projects and other stuff. It was a "free room" for everybody but mostly engineering. I wish they didn't turn this into an air-conditioned room.


On my way home. Hello, cat!

I have a thing for clouds. Back when I was kid, I thought people can stopover in the clouds while traveling in a plane. Heh.

Holga Micro-110

This is an overdue entry for my "proposed" project back in 2009. Just so you know, that year was the time when I decided to try out something not cheap. So when I got the camera on hand, I told myself to shoot nice things so my money will be well-spent. Hahaha When I got the mail of the developed films, the excitement was just different. So different from all the kind of excitement I have been feeling ever since. That was a one-of-a-kind feeling. To see the photos you've taken with an analog camera is the best feeling in the world. That was my first time and I can tell the photos aren't so bad at all. Though there are some that are blurry and stuff like that but fuck that. Photos don't need to be crisp, sharp and focused all the time! 

Anyway, here are the results of my first roll using Holga Micro-110 Camera :)

Technically, the very first shot! Hello!

So this shot and the next two shots were all about shoot here, shoot this, shoot that! Why? Because I did not know if it actually works! You need to roll the film manually.

These boys did not believe the camera I'm holding is a real camera. They thought I'm just fooling around but they ended up posing for it hahaha so cute!!

This is nostalgic. My room doesn't look like this anymore. And that laptop is dead.

For the following photos, I was holding two cameras: Holga and Pentax digital camera. Shoot the same scene at the same time and you know what? Analog nailed it!

This was when I had a memorable time with my engineering friends in NCCC mall. I remember we went to the grocery store and bought snacks (even a liter of Coke and plastic cups) and entered the movie house like we're having a movie marathon! Ha!

Room R202. No engineering student, at least my batch and old batches, has never had a class in here except for the new ones. I like this room. This is an engineering office now.

A view from R202 corridor: Marco Polo Davao, the tallest building in the city yet.

That building is where Ateneo Library is.

To end it, hello dramatic curtains!

Mazzy Star: So Tonight That I Might See

Photo from Wikipedia

Album: So Tonight That I Might See
Year:  1993
  • Bells Ring
  • Fade Into You
  • Five String Serenade
Mazzy Star songs are my kind of music to listen to in the wee hours of the morning. It has that taste of loneliness that feels great at this time of the day. Also, it makes me dizzy. But I like the way how it is. :)

October 27, 2011

Boring days, hard days and sad nights

Boring days, don't we all have that? Hard days and sad nights, too? 

Boring days? There won't be such thing when you make yourself productive. But there are times that we find ourselves sitting in front of the tv or computer and not doing something important. Sometimes we even complain and let everyone know how bored we are through social networking sites *guilty*. This semestral break, unlike the past years I've decided to stay at home and not go out to some adventures. I feel like I really need to know myself more by spending at home and do home chores and other things. Surely, there were boring days that made me want to go out, drink, and stuff but then I realized that when I get bored, I don't necessarily need to go out and party, all I need is to think of creative ways to get out of the situation. Since I've been always out for the past years. And so far I have done things that I never thought I would do. And I am happy about it. I love adventures but I need to have time for myself alone.

Hard days and sad nights. This semester break is crazy. I've known my highs and lows as an individual. I thought days before semester break, my every day will be full of happiness. But I was wrong. There were nights when I am very happy, and some nights when I feel very sad. But those emotional nights helped me to realize things and situations. Though it made me really depressed, but in the end I feel satisfied. It may sound weird but as much as I needed a win, I needed to sit on my bed and cry my heart out, too. Life has been so cruel for the past months. I need to get over it by crying all out.

And by those realizations and thoughts and flashbacks and everything, I think I am ready to go outside and look up the sky, the buildings, strangers and get to know more about the world. I am ready now because I've known who I am. Not a hundred percent though because change is constant. Some changes may take place but things will work out just fine. I just know.

This is too personal but I need to share this: Be thankful for the boring days, hard days and sad nights because without them you wouldn't be able to write something and nowhere to write from, at least, about the other side of life.

You need to feel new, fresh and strong sometimes. So for the challenges and trials that are moving toward me, come at me bro.

October 26, 2011

Mango Float

  • Ripe mangoes 
  • Graham crackers
  • Cream
  • Condensed milk

  1. In a tray, put first Grahams crackers.
  2. Followed by thin-sliced ripe mangoes.
  3. Then pour the combined cream and condensed milk.
  4. Then another layer of Graham crackers. Use crushed grahams for the last layer.
  5. Chill it for hours and it's good to go.
  1. For this, we had three layers. 
  2. Crushed grahams or simply the normal Grahams intentionally crushed; it's still the same.

October 25, 2011

Season Of Life That I'm In Right Now

It has always been fall for me. 

A shot taken in my favorite beach some years ago (hence the crappy watermark. sorry about that.)

I will assume you know the song that goes: "Winter, spring, summer or fall. All you've got to do is call. And I'll be there. You've got a friend." I've got a lot of things to say about every season but for now, I'm all about fall. During fall, trees change the color of their leaves, and it gets less warm.

Things seem to get so confusing. One time, I'm happy on what I am doing. At one point, I am starting to suck at it. It always go this way. More like living in a curse. A curse that says: I can't be too much happy in life. I get it now. Figured that I need to change some things -- and by some things, I meant THINGS.

When people say bad things at you, when they make you feel bad about yourself, would you still want to be with these people? What if they never really cared? What if they will never care at all? Would you still prove something that will never interest them anyway?

Maybe I need to take a step backward. Even when in "theory", or what the society says and I've said this a lot of times, you've got to stay by their side no matter what because they are all you've got but if you're not happy at all, screw that, move away from them. They don't deserve your effort and you don't deserve to feel like this for the rest of our life.

Yes, maybe I need to do some changes. Just like how the leaves change it's color. And be ready for winter. When things get stable, a whole lot of snow and cold nights are coming up. I need to build some confidence now to fight for whatever is there in the future. Maybe after winter, all these challenges I am going through will blossom like the flowers in spring. And a beach during summer sounds fine.

The Finnish Line

I bought this book last year (or maybe last, last year) and from then it was just sitting in my book shelf. I tried to read it though but it didn't interest me much or maybe because my mind was busy thinking of something else so I couldn't focus. Anyway, at long last, I have finally read it and it gave me a night full of thoughts about how lovely the story was -- yes, it's a love story , and some other things. :)

What do you get in buying books from some old book shop? Yes, a price tag in front of the cover, covering the title of the book! I don't like it but then there goes the "don't judge the book by its cover" -- it's a good book, really :)
Mo Clark set foot to Finland for the Scholar and Athlete Exchange to work on ski jumps. Also, to escape from the shadow of his well-known family, especially her dad. She is very excited to join the Olympics. Though women athletes are not allowed to play for the Olympics (which I didn't know until I read this book), Mo works really hard for the women to be recognized.

Her host family is very nice and accommodating except their daughter and Mo's roommate, Kirsti. She somehow took care of Mo because they have a responsibility to look after her. They had sauna together, ran outside, rolled in the snow naked. These things made them somehow close to each other.

Mo is very excited to jump in the Lahti Ski Games. She's a good ski jumper back in Utah but of course she has to practice her jumps in a new environment. She is not very interested in her classes because she always thinks about the practice (after class), her jumps, her progress. Good thing she has friends Riia and Tapio (who didn't know they have mutual feelings until the last chapters of the story) to help her in translating their professors's instructions -- they talk Finnish in school.

And then she met Leevi, a bad-looking guy who is one of the best ski jumpers in their school but mostly ignored by other students because he is a Gypsy. Though always alone, he doesn't look lonely. He is the kind of guy who seems to not minding other people as well. He is cute, too! Mo kind of likes him but the people around her said she must not talk to Gypsies because they have bad reputation in the place.

Mo didn't mind that. One time, Leevi caught Mo's attention since she has not been doing well in their practice. He offered her a service in which he will teach him how to focus more and some techniques to jump and not jump short. Mo agreed on that.

Since then they meet before their practice but everyone doesn't know about it. Except Kirsti but she acts like she didn't know about it. Mo and Leevi slowly have feelings for each other. A lot of things happened especially when they have their field trip in Kemi, northern part of Finland. But in the end it ended so well.

During the Lahti Ski Games, Mo got to the top three. Kirsti got the first place. Things between Mo and Kirsti are now okay. Also, Riia and Tapio finally knew they're feelings for each other (thanks to Mo!) and of course, Mo and Leevi kissed and made up.

Now that things are doing pretty well, Mo had to leave for Utah. Now that she got used to Leevi, she had to leave him behind. But Leevi said, "There are no endings, only beginnings". 

Mo rode a plane going home to Utah when she saw a letter in her pocket that says: Just wanted to let you know I got a scholarship to the Colorado Mountain College so I'll be training for Steamboat Springs. See you on the circuit. That made her smile. Truly, that was just the beginning.


The story is so cute. I honestly fell in love with it that I shouted at the last part because it was just so cute!! Hahaha So much for the love story, this book is an eyeopener. I learned some facts about Finland and Ski jumping. Also, some facts about Gandalf of Lord Of The Rings. But you have to read the book if you want to know about it! This book is definitely a good read! :)
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