September 20, 2011

Fleet Foxes

Do you enjoy waking up early in the morning & drink hot coffee in a cold early morning breeze? I do. It's that time of the day when happiness comes my way without any reason at all. It's that time of the day when I achieve peace of mind simply because witnessing the sunrise is bizarre. I don't think any person hates the sunrise.

I've been meaning to make an entry about this since 2009. Back then, I found perfect songs to listen to early in the morning and these songs are from the band called Fleet Foxes. I have shared their songs to the people I love waking up to in the morning. If you're one of them, you're loved. :)

Not all people will like their music in an instant simply because, well, we all listen to mainstream media so we, most likely, listen to it so our day will be hip, or rock n' roll. Hahaha!! But, this band, I feel like they are made for people who likes to reminisce, or think about happy memories, or are just simply happy with life -- with what life has offered or has to offer them: good or bad. People who are in love with life simply because he/she has nothing else to do but to live his/her life and take care of it.

For my part, these songs always remind me to be happy, at least. By listening to it from five to six in the morning, drinking coffee, eating something -- bread or whatever, witnessing the change from dark to light blue sky with some random memories in mind. Almost everyday, since 2009, I experience inner peace. Even just for one hour. At least, for just an hour, I can be silent but happy. I don't care how unruly the world is outside. As long as my morning is spent perfectly, all is fine with me because without any concrete reason, this band, their songs are just perfect, peaceful and full of happiness. Why don't you give it a try? :)

Each of their songs has stories to tell. I know all songs do, but wouldn't you like it if you imagine nice things, happy scenery? Not all what we imagine while listening to a song is the same as what the artist imagined. Sometimes, even just by listening to the melody, you unconsciously create imagery in your mind that no one else could copy even if you listen to the same song. :)

Listen to this song, and if you like it you might want to listen to the whole album.

Tiger Mountain Peasant song is the first song I play when I listen to the album. Simply because I like how it was written, sang and the scenes I create with it. Hello, Fleet Foxes! Thank you for the wonderful music you guys create. You inspire a lot of people and you give them nice, happy and perfect mornings!! I love you. :)

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