August 31, 2011

May All Your Dreams Come True

I suck at drawing but it didn’t stop me from trying to draw a castle! This morning I decided to exercise my imagination by drawing a castle. It’s funny how Disney castle has been on my mind during the process but my hand drew it differently hahaha. That isn’t Disney castle, obviously, but I’d like to believe it is — in it’s simplest form hahaha! Well at least I killed some boredom and somehow started my day right. Good job, self. May all your dreams come true :)

P.S. I was listening to Rubblebucket’s Triangular Daisies on loop the whole time plus coffee on the side table. This day must be awesome! Good morning, internet! Off to school in a while :)


  1. I love the message here... NO joke, I have been laughed at plenty for the dreams that I have had. Funny part is that I have worked hard and accomplished many of them.

  2. Good for you, Greg :)


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