July 1, 2011

Someday I Will Tell My Kids How Adventurous My Life Is.

I am not planning to have kids in the near future. I can't picture it yet. I don't know if I could have one but just in case my future self could get married, which I don't think so as of the moment (haha), I would tell them how I lived my life. Like what my mama used to share with me when I go to bed.

(1) First and foremost, I did not experience having someone to read a fairytale or bedtime story for me before going to bed. Real-life stories were what I got. So, I don't really think about those cartoon most of the time though I used to watch TV most of the time.

(2) I go to school on my own starting grade 2. Though there were times when my cousin or someone from the family fetch me but most of the time I was on my own. So, I get to deal with a lot of how-to's back then. It thrilled me when I get to ride a cab on my own but I don't get why I am so bad with directions now. Hahaha

(3) I got to play with kites every summer! I was so good at it that I sometimes get a fight because I always lead my kite closer to other kites. So it was like wrestling of kites. But I tell you I didn't have enemies back then. Everyone were my friends just because I am a daughter of my Papa. You know what I mean. Hahahaha

(4) Every Sunday my group of friends and I walk from home to San Antonio church. I don't know the distance but we start walking from 2pm so we can attend the 3-pm mass for kids. Then, we walk again from the church back home. But of course, we eat something we bought from a convenience store near the church! Then play street games afterwards.

(5) The first time I got so hardcore at walking away from home was when we went to another village without passing through the highway! Yeahhh we were so cool that time that we passed houses just to go to the other village! When we got there, it was raining but we ate ice cream hahaha we climbed down going home entering the sea shore and even entered a private company from the back without getting caught! Yesss hahaha The scar I got from that time is still visible and I am so proud of it because I did not cry when I got it! Anything for adventure! Hahahaha

(6) We used to get shells in the shore of San Juan! We cook it and eat by the beach. So fun, so fun! Shettt sarap balikan yung mga times na yun.

(7) Played several spirit of the glass (and other things like coin, ballpen etc hahaha) at school during my elementary years. Even told my classmates that I saw ghosts in the playground one afternoon and they believed it! You know kids! Even I convinced myself that I saw ghosts! Hahaha

(8) I always cut classes in high school but still I get good grades. I wasn't part of the best students but I never failed to pass my requirements and exams! Being on the list was not really my goal ever since elementary. I was always up for something else not academics! But I admit I get sad when I get low score hahaha

(9) Always drunk at Saturday night since 4th yr high school and watched some bands play. But I was not a flirty type. More like, I just want to have fun on Saturday night with my friends and be with strangers who talk shit and make my girls believe they are so cool when they are not. I'm so proud of myself for being the "not girly" type of girl back in high school. I was like the "for the love of music, I want to drink beer." kind of girl.

(10) In first year college, I studied chemistry while drinking beer with my high school friends in my room. My family didn't know about it. Seriously, I read a book while I was drunk! I always smile when I remember it. PS. I didn't fail the quiz the next day. Shet hahaha

(11) Always went home at 3 in the morning just being outside the street. But when I entered second year college, everything changed. I am a responsible girl now. That means, I don't drink at bars instead I make events to go and drink and chill at my classmates' houses or even in my room.

(12) I spent a lot of overnights at Samal Island and/or Talikud island. I swear. I can't count how many times I got drunk outside the city with my friends! PS. You kids should drink with the people you know and knows you! Don't drink with people you want to flirt with because it's not good! For me, I am so lucky that my guy friends treat me as their sister and my girl friends are normal girls not girly girls so imagine how crazy and fun it is! Wholesome party is fun hahahaha im just sayin' ;p

(13) Spontaneous outings!!! I can't say anything. My life is so funnnnnnn hahahaha

Sure this list would be long if I give all the details but then again I'm just blogging this because I want to go to bed already. I want to get sleepy. hahaha I wanted to specify number 13 more but then again, I can't because all the events are just too awesome I can't put it into words.

PS. I love that my parents and siblings didn't put me in a box. I mean, I got my freedom since elementary. I can do whatever I want and that is why I am responsible for my actions now. Thank you very much to my parents and siblings because they raised me well! That means for all the bad and good vibes they gave me. I learned a lot and I'm still learning from them!

PPS. You may ask: how is that picture connected to this entry? See that cans and bottles with different sizes, colors and tastes? Yes, it symbolizes my life. Go translate it further for me.


  1. You know, you have a pretty cool life! You make it fun!


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