July 22, 2011

Pedicab X Blur Mix

Last month I was thinking of making a mixtape: Pedicab x Blur. I am not so sure to whom will this be dedicated but this mixtape is for Blur fans, who I think should listen to Pedicab, and for Pedicab fans, who I think should listen to Blur. Blur, by the way, is an alternative band from UK and Pedicab is a dangerous band from Philippines. I enjoy listening to these bands because they never fail to make me dance whenever I listen to their songs! They are the reasons why I procrastinate hahaha enjoy! :)

Tracks list:
1.) Dito Tayo Sa Dilim by Pedicab
2.) Boys & Girls by Blur
3.) Good To Go by Pedicab
4.) Jets by Blur



  1. Sounds like some great little mix tape... I need to listen to more Pedicab.


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