July 10, 2011

Oh Moon

Photo taken by Aurelien (A friend from France)

I am the kind of person who gets fascinated by the moon all the time. Sometimes you find me talking about it when I have nothing else to talk about especially when I'm drunk and just plainly bored. Not that I'm taking it as a conversation starter (honestly, yes, sometimes hahaha), I just like how it shows up every night in a different approach and figure. I see the Cheshire cat, sometimes when it appears to be "hole-y" I see face of a man haha, other times it's round, and there was the only time when I saw it was reddish orange(yes, there's such thing! ;p) in color. We have a big telescope with changeable mirror so I saw the holes at least 40 percent nearer than what we see with our naked eyes.
Well, I don't only fascinate the moon, I fascinate the sky so much that whenever I get an email telling me there's something going on in the sky at night, I always make sure I get to see it. There's this certain website that keeps sending me updates on sky activities such as eclipses, meteor showers and the like since 2008 hahaha. But sometimes when you're in the Philippines, it is so hard to see these things. And that's what makes me want to go to other places just to see such.
Last month, I stayed up late just to witness Lunar eclipse but the sky didn't allow it. I've read some of my friends' tweets that they saw it and it was so beautiful but they are in Manila. I never got the chance to take at least a glimpse of the lunar eclipse. I watched a live streaming via YouTube though. It was nice but it could be nicer when I see it personally.
My friend from Lille, France took a photo of it and showed it to me. He has seen it around 11 pm (that's 5 am from where I am).
Here's a poem I wrote for the moon. Yay :)
You are the sweetest thing
I love to see you at night
Oh moon, bring me light
You always change my mood
That is from bad to good
Oh moon, stay with me
Your shining light like gold
At night when I feel so cold
Moon, I love you so.

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