June 26, 2011

Canibad Summer

I can't imagine my Summer without going to Canibad. It started on Summer of 2010 when we first met this beautiful beach in Aundanao, Samal Island except for Jaku, who got here first before us.

As usual we didn't plan ahead of time. We planned the outing days before but it was not final because some of us can't go on the day planned. So, we ended up finalizing everything the night before. Jaku, Bhilly, Che, Tip, Cholo and I were the only ones who were available that time. P.S. We finalized everything through texting because we're awesome like that! Hahaha

I've been here five times already and I haven't jumped that dreaded cliff! This time, I decided to face my fears. Climbing is the most difficult and dangerous thing next to jumping because there's no trail. You have to find your own way. Don't worry, there are twigs everywhere. Hahaha

When I got to the jumping area, I thought of going back and not jump at all because it was too high and I knew the sea level is above 123456789 feet! And I started to think of sharks and other dreaded sea creatures I've watched over National Geographic hahaha I wish we had a camera from up there so I can show you how beautiful the scene is. If only I could extract the image from my memory and transfer to my pc's memory. ;p

In the evening, we got drunk and laughed a lot. We started reminiscing the summer nights we've had. Also, I puked for the second time in my drinking history. We passed out too early because we started drinking at 5 in the afternoon! It was the ugliest memory I've had so far. I'm not going to drink vodka + gin anymore. I swear. But you know, when I think about it I smile and laugh at myself. I don't hate it actually. It's just that, the moment when I started to puke until morning was a bad memory. I hated it at that moment. Now, I'm happy I experienced it. Hahaha

We woke up to a bad weather. The sea wasn't so clear at all! We enjoyed it though because we spent hours playing with the waves. Feeling surfers much? :p

We owned the sea for that day. Nobody were there except us. That's what I like about Canibad.


Another summer spent with so much awesomeness! Yay :)

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