May 12, 2011

Blog Challenge: Views On Religion

When I was a kid, my mom always wakes me up very early in the morning to go to church. I didn't like going to church; I find it boring and I always sleep during mass. I was never the kind of kid who enjoys being part of a choir, Bible readers, and the like. None of it was part of my childhood. But it doesn't mean I don't believe in God. I can say I have a strong faith towards Him but I don't know why I can't let it show to everybody -- like attending mass.

I always thank God every time I wake up in the morning even though I know its going to be a bad day. When I travel out of town, I pray for safety. I keep a Rosary in my wallet. Before exams, I pray for the Holy Spirit to guide me and help me focus. Every time I am troubled, I keep myself quiet and understand why God gave me this problem. But I always thank Him for giving me problems, because in that way, I know, He loves me and that He's watching over me. Sometimes I visit the Ateneo chapel and pray. Before going to bed, I say my thank you prayer. And if it was a bad day, I cry myself while saying my prayer. I think its good to break down and cry sometimes and tell Him about what happened. That's what I always do.

I think the only one who knows my faith towards Him aside for myself is none other than God. Nobody can say that I am religious because nobody has ever seen me go to church every Sunday and being part of any religious acts. Some of my friends know I am part of Youth For Christ but I know they can't even say I am active in it.

I am amazed of my friends who are very transparent on their love for Him. And I am impressed for myself because I still go back to Him when I face trials and temptations in life.

Suppose it all boils down to this, I am a spiritual person, not a religious one.

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