May 14, 2011

Blog Challenge: Drugs & Alcohol

The way I see it, alcoholic beverages are enjoyed not by its taste but by the feeling it gives you when the drink starts kicking in. Back in the days, I used to drink in the bars but then I realized drinking in a public place is not safe. That's based on my experience. So then, I decided to drink in private places like over at my friends' house, my home and in the beach. Alcohol is best when you're in the beach. Freedom is there. You can do anything you want. Be merry with your friends. Laugh your lungs out. Dance to the moon. You can even raise your middle finger to the sea and express what you feel. Alcohol in the beach with friends is the best thing to do before the world ends. ;p

Same as drugs, well I haven't tried it, but if natural herbs count then yes. Not that you have to count me as one of the society's drug addicts because I just tried it once and the amount was too small. I tried it because I was curious and I don't want to be ignorant at it. To prove a point, I am not a smoker. I haven't smoked. Even one stick of a cigarette. And I promise myself not to do it. I just had to feel the vibe when you get high due to smoking herbs. It wasn't that bad but it didn't convince me to smoke cigars. I'm lucky my friends don't want me to try it for the second time. They care so much for me. Hahaha Anyway, who says getting high is bad? It'll be bad when you get caught and of course when you overuse it. So, don't get caught and overuse!

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