April 5, 2011


The moment when you want to doze off but you can't because something's bothering you. Grades? Projects? Events? Negativity? You want to get up and work on stuff but you're body demands you go to bed so you choose to just stay in bed. And then, you start thinking about grades, projects and etc until your head aches and you start to cry because you feel so helpless. You want to do things right away. You believe you can finish it on time but something tells you that you can't because, well, pessimism always gets in the way! You become so weak. And realize that life gets bitchy sometimes and softly say that"everything will be okay if you'll just hold on to what you have to do." because you know that encouraging yourself will somehow give you comfort and will keep you calm. You start to close your eyes and just think of happy things that had happened, you smile and now you are dozing off.

The same thing goes for another night, and another night, and another night. This goes on and on and as you grow up, you face twice as much problems that you have now. You better get used to it because if you can't, then you're life will be boring. Problems make you wiser cos every time you think about it, even if you feel like you can't solve it, you are actually thinking of ways to solve it. So don't be afraid to face your problems because the moment you get past through it, you'll be the happiest person in the world!

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