April 6, 2011

Calcal Trekking

My cousin and I decided to go to Calcal, which takes 2 hours travel from the City, and visit Melanie's graduation and chill in Megkawayan Peak after. We got there at around 11 in the morning and so we had our lunch over at Ate Mila's sister's payag.

Kid playing basketball alone in front of the store where we bought soft drinks.

We had to go over two hills to buy Coke! I wasn't expecting to trek but I managed to climb two hills! Make that four because we had to go back. I have no picture but I swear the hills were high separated with only a few steps of plain land. Anyway, we attended my cousin's graduation at 1 pm. We were suppose to go to Megkawayan Peak but we ended up trekking. My cousin, who just graduated, was very game to trek with her uniform on. I am not complaining because trekking is fun :)

We trekked from 3 to 6 pm! Got to their home before the rain started. It was very cold by the way.

They have another house located in the "centro" of the baranggay. I think they called it the "centro" because there were a lot of houses compared to where their first house is located. The rain stopped so we had to go there to sleep.

We went home around 7 in the morning. I am going back here soon. I have to go to Megkawayan Peak, falls and more!!!

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